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Translation Products

Please move your mouse over the to obtain more information on these products.

Translation Office 3000 Translation Office 3000 - Top Accounting Software for Successful Translators.

AnyCount AnyCount produces automatic word counts, character counts, line counts, and page counts for all common file formats (.DOC, .RTF, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .HTM, .CSV, .PDF, .TXT, .ZIP).

Metrolanguage Technologies Infrastructure technology for automating language and interpretation companies.

Practiline PractiCount and Invoice - Word counting software for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, HTML and PDF files.

Projetex Projetex is Project Management Software for Expert Teams. It offers numerous functions including workflow management, and data and file sharing among teams.

RC-WinTrans RC-WinTrans - a professional localization environment for Windows Win32 and .NET Windows Forms software.

Trados Trados offers translation productivity tools for freelance translators as well as corporate customers and language service providers.

WinLexic WinLexic - Nice GUI to Microsoft® Glossaries for Technical Translators and Technical Translation Agencies.

  • Accio iPhone and iPad Language Apps - Just The Word You Need

  • Alchemy Software - CATALYST

  • Applied Information Technologies AG - Visual Localize

  • AppleTrans

  • ATB Translation Office - Translation Followup

  • Atia Ltd - Language Studio

  • Atril Software - Déja Vu

  • AuthorIT - single-source content management and localization tool

  • Babylon - on-line dictionary and lookup tools

  • Claritaslux - language learning software

  • D.O.G. GmbH - ErrorSpy (QA tool) and TermiDOG (term extractor)

  • Ectaco, Inc. - electronic dictionaries

  • FineCounttranslators - for professionals who make quotations and invoices depending upon the text analysis of documents

  • GalTech Soft Ltd. - multilingual wordprocessors and internationalization libraries

  • - Translator's Abacus, free word count program

  • HEISOFT Publishing AG

  • idiom technologies, inc.

  • iFinger - dictionary lookup tool

  • Interpreter training products

  • Jovosoft - TOM (Translator's Office Manager)

  • Language Dynamics - WinDi, Windows Dictionary Tool and on-line dictionary access

  • Language Engineering Corp.

  • Language Partners, providers of translation tools

  • LanguageForce, translation software

  • Lexicon International - Interpretation equipment rental and sales

  • Lingobit - Lingobit Localizer software localization tool

  • Lingua et Machina
    Proposes a brand new 2nd generation Translation Memory software called SIMILIS.

  • LogoMedia - on-line machine translation services

  • LookWayUp - dictionary search tool

  • MCB Systems - Translator's Workbench and MultiTerm

  • MetaTexis - translation memory and terminology management tool

  • MultiLing - terminology management and translation memory tools

  • Multilizer - localization tool

  • NeocorTech, Japanese communication and translation software

  • PASS Engineering GmBH - PASSOLO localization tool

  • PetaMem Corporation - NLP and NLU tools and technologies

  • Polish translation tools

  • Recall Translate

  • RWS Group - RWS Localization Tool Suite

  • Scooter Software - Beyond Compare (file and folder comparison utility)

  • SDL International - SDLX Translation Memory

  • Star - computer-assisted translation, terminology management, and workflow tools

  • Surefire Software - Total Assistant word counting software

  • Telelingua - T-Remote Memory and T-Translator

  • Terminology Matters - Quintilian, a terminology verification and processing tool

  • TM Systems - translation tools for dubbing & subtitling

  • ToggleText - NLP/NLE products and services

  • Translation Experts Ltd. - Internet Language Translator (InterTran)

  • Transparent Language, Inc. - Transcend, machine translation software

  • Trident Software - English/Russian/Ukranian machine translation software

  • TRUSTY - secure file transfers with e-mail confirmation

  • WebBudget - Web localization and analysis tool

  • Word Magic Software - English/Spanish translation software, dictionaries and tools

  • - "The Ultimate Language Store"

  • XLSoft - distributor of international and translation-related software

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