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Tools Garage™

Welcome to the Tools Garage™, where you can try out the latest translation tools from the world's leading tool vendors -- for free! Come back and visit often as we'll be growing fast!!

Please move your mouse over the to obtain more information on these products.

Translation Office 3000 Download Translation Office 3000, top accounting software for successful translators.

AnyCount Download a trial version of AnyCount. AnyCount produces automatic word counts, character counts, line counts, and page counts for all common file formats (.DOC, .RTF, .XLS, .PPT, .PPS, .HTM, .CSV, .PDF, .TXT, .ZIP).

Practiline Download a free trial version of PractiCount and Invoice - word counting software for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, HTML and PDF files.

Projetex Download a trial version of Projetex, Project Management Software for Expert Teams. Projetex offers numerous functions including workflow management, and data and file sharing among teams.

RC-WinTrans Download a demo version of RC-WinTrans - a professional localization environment for Windows Win32 and .NET Windows Forms software.

Trados Download demo versions of Trados Freelance products, including Translator’s Workbench, TagEditor, WinAlign, S-Tagger and T-Window.

WinLexic Download a 30-day evaluation version of WinLexic, a nice GUI to Microsoft® Glossaries for Technical Translators and Technical Translation Agencies.

Alchemy Software Download demo versions of Alchemy CATALYST, an integrated localization tool.

Applied Information Technologies AG Download an evaluation version of the Visual Localize localization tool.

ATB Translation Office Download Translation Followup, a tool that helps translators follow up on their outstanding receivables.

Atia Ltd Download a demo version of Language Studio, a suite of software localization and translation management tools.

Atril Download a 30-day evaluation version of the Deja Vu translation memory tool.

AuthorIT Download an evaluation version of AuthorIT, a single-source content management and localization tool.

Babylon Download Babylon's glossary/translation tool.

Cypresoft Download a trial version of TRANS Suite 2000, a computer-aided translation tool for translators.

D.O.G. GmbH Download demo versions of ErrorSpy, a translation QA tool and TermiDOG, a terminology extraction tool.

English Romanian eTranslator Download English Romanian eTranslator can be used to: -translate Help files -translate any medium difficulty text (Internet, emails, etc..) -learn English or Romanian (including the pronunciation, using TTS engines)

ForeignDesk Download ForeignDesk, an open-source translation database tool originally developed by Lionbridge.

GalTech Soft Ltd. Download a demo version of WordPoint, an 18-language multilingual word processor.

GIA Download the Globalization Image Assistant, an image management tool developed by Austraat Globalization Solutions.

iFinger Download a trial version of iFinger, a plug-in that provides dictionary lookup functions from within an Internet browser.

Jovosoft Download a 30-day trial version of TOM (Translator's Office Manager), office management software for translators.

Lingobit Download a trial version of Lingobit Localizer, a software localization tool.

MetaTexis Download a beta version of MetaTexis, a computer-assisted translation tool that includes translation memory and terminology management.

MultiLing Download trial versions of Transit (machine-assisted translation tool) and TermStar (terminology manager).

Multilizer Download a fully functional evaluation version of the Multilizer localization tool.

Omni-Lookup Download Omni-Lookup without obligation and try out all functions for 45 days for free.

PASSOLO Download a demo version of the PASSOLO localization tool.

RWS Group (Enlaso) Download the RWS (Enlaso) Localization Tool Suite, including Rainbow (file format and encoding converter), Horizon (document compare) and Album (Windows clipboard enhancement).

Scooter Software Download a 30 day trial copy of Beyond Compare, an advanced file and folder comparison utility for Windows.

SDL International Download your 30 day trial copy of SDLX. Innovative and user-friendly translation software.
View a competitive analysis of SDLX vs other translation tools.

Software Builders Download AppLocalize, a tool to help translate MS-Windows application resource files.

Star Transit Download Transit Satellite PE, the Personal Edition of Transit, Star's machine-assisted translation tool. (also see MultiLing, above)

Telelingua International Download demo versions of T-Remote Memory (which makes TM systems networkable) and T-Translator (an Internet-based terminology search tool).

Terminology Matters Download a demo version of Quintilian, a terminology verification and processing tool.

ThesaurusGizmo Multi-Lingual Thesaurus Download ThesaurusGizmo, a multi-lingual thesaurus Add-On for computers with Word that allows for finding synonyms

Total Assistant Download evaluation versions of Total Assistant and Total Assistant Pro, easy-to-use word counting software with a drag-and-drop interface.

Translation Experts Ltd Download a trial version of Word Translator.

Pragma Download Pragma developed by Trident Software Trident Software, Ltd. is a developer of multilingual machine translation software. Pragma is a translator for the English, German, Latvian, Russian and Ukrainian languages. Evaluation version can be downloaded. [English, German, Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian]

Word Magic Software Download 15-day trial versions of Word Magic Software's English/Spanish translation products, including machine translation software, dictionaries and related tools.

If you are a translation tools vendor and would like your product featured in the Tools Garage™, please contact the Webmaster for more information.

Contributed (non-commercial) tools

  • ApSIC Xbench
    ApSIC Xbench provides simple and powerful Quality Assurance and Terminology Management in a single package. Just load files in any of the dozens of CAT formats supported and get your translation quality to the next level.

  • CATCount contributed by The AIT Software Development Team
    CATCount is a Computer-Assisted Translation Tool for Easy Wordcount.
    CATCount is a useful software tool for translation industry professionals. It greatly eases the task of accounting for Computer-Assisted Translation jobs.
    CATCount does this by translating a complex CAT Scheme into one easy number, i.e. CATCount. Additionally, it provides great features for printing and export of used CAT Scheme together with original wordcounts, and resulting CATCount. Wordcount analysis logs of Trados Translator's Workbench are processed automatically.

  • CatsCradle contributed by Julian
    CatsCradle is a web page editor designed specifically for language translators. On opening a web page, all text for translation is extracted to a table for you to translate alongside. When done, your translated text is automatically integrated back into the page. Features include:
    - Instant preview of work in progress at the click of a button, any time
    - No complex file processing, so web sites remain fully navigable throughout the translation process.
    - Built-in glossary system can automatically suggest words and phrases as you type.
    - File catalogue facility gives project word counts, and indicates the translation status of each page.
    - Supports various character sets including Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese. - Now available for Mac OS X as well as Windows!

  • Cross Check
    CrossCheck Online is a free cloud service helping translators, editors and other language professionals to quickly and easily perform quality assurance on bilingual files. Customizable error-checking profiles can be used to detect more than 60 types of errors, including terminology mistakes, omissions, wrong numbers, punctuation errors and consistency issues. CrossCheck supports all languages based on the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

  • Crunch v0.43 contributed by Hans Sussenburger
    Crunch (Completely Redundant Unnecessary Crappy Html), generates automatic html forms from a MySQL (tm) database. Features:
    1) script only (PHP, VBScript, JScript)
    2) multi-language UI
    3) language-independent drop-down lists
    4) automatic support for uploaded attachments
    5) includes a fully functional Bug database (in the jazzdb folder of the zip) and a small demo terms lookup form.

  • D.8. L10NWorks v1.1.4 contributed by CSOFT International, Ltd.
    CSOFT International, Ltd., a provider of multilingual localization, testing and software development, has launched L10NWorks, a company-sponsored web portal that is vendor-neutral and available for no charge to users.

  • English to Spanish Translator contributed by Ivannia García Cruz
    English Spanish translation software, Online Translation and English Spanish dictionaries with Synonyms, Antonyms, Verb Conjugations, Reverse Conjugation, Definitions in English and Spanish, Usage Examples and Color Pictures.

  • File Watch and Tree Compare v1.1.4 contributed by Hans Sussenburger
    File Watch periodically (every five minutes) checks specified directories and if they have changed (have been added, modified, deleted), it will bring up a small notifier window to telling you which files have changed. Tree Compare compares all files of an "old tree" with the files of a "new tree" and reports differences.

  • FineCount contributed byTilti Systems Team
    FineCount is a reliable aid for translation agencies and freelance translators - for professionals who make quotations and invoices depending upon the text analysis of documents; e.g. counting characters, spaces, words, lines, pages, repetitions.
    Added value and performance in comparison to other products:
    - supports more file formats used in the translation business: pdf, doc, xls, xml, html and many more
    - enables you to count files using MS-Office algorithm or configure it yourself
    - faster calculation of many files which leads to saving time and more sales
    - created by language professionals with years of experience
    - regular updates and improvements based on the industry's needs

  • Free localization v1.1.4 contributed by Antonio Vilei
    "Free Website Localization", dealing with cooperative translation.

  • Glossy contributed by Foreignword
    Glossy is a new translation memory and terminology management tool made for translators by translators. With Glossy you can create and mantain your own glossaries directly as you translate and have all terms found marked directly in your text. You can also exchange terms with colleagues or import external glossaries in just a couple of minutes. Glossy is also the perfect tool to translate Web pages (HTML, ASP, PHP, etc.) Glossy automatically identifies all translatable text including relevant meta-tags, image ALT attributes, relevant VALUE attributes, and others. Glossy also supports all languages installed on your PC (even double-byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.)

  • Grammar Check contributed by Jennifer Frost
    It's totally free, checks for grammar and spelling mistakes, and gives instant feedback.

  • imtranslator
    Features our Virtual Keyboard with 30 languages for improved text input, our PROMT translator with new Portuguese and French pairs as well as Decoder, Spell Checker and Dictionary.

  • IntelliWebSearch contributed by Michael Farrell
    IntelliWebSearch is a freeware application designed to save translators and terminologists time when searching the web. Just select the term you want to look up, press a keyboard shortcut, and the search results appear in your browser.

  • Knowledge Server 1.0 contributed by Hans Sussenburger
    Knowledge Server allows you to search text files and ODBC databases over the Internet. You can output complete documents or only matched records to the results window.

  • OmegaT+
    Omega T+ is a cross-platform Computer Assisted Translation tool project. Currently there is an application, omegat, available that includes: translation memory, fuzzy matches, concordance search, glossary function, and support for multiple file types and ongoing projects. The only requirement to run it is a recent Java implementation be installed. Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. with Java 1.4 or greater.

  • PathCopy, XCopy, Command Prompt (for Win 95/98/NT4.0/2000) contributed by Hans Sussenburger
    This is a handy set of copy utilities useful when copying large numbers of files.

  • Personal Glossary for MS Word contributed by Jacopo Della Croce di Dojola
    Personal Glossary for MS Word is an MS Word add-in that allows you to create glossaries for as many language pairs as you like, and for any number of specific disciplines (technical, medical - scientific, business - legal, etc.). The application is basically a database with a user interface that is quite similar to Word's "Thesaurus".

  • Qabiria's free toolbar contributed by Marco Cevoli
    Download Qabiria's free toolbar, developed for translation industry professionals!

  • Restorator contributed by Niels Thorwirth
    Restorator is a versatile skin for any Windows program. Use Restorator to change any Windows application. Restorator grants full access to language-dependent interface parts of a compiled application. That means development can be independent of customization and localisation. It's ShareWare.

  • Screenshot.dll contributed by Hans Sussenburger
    Screenshot.dll can be hooked up with any Windows (tm) program and adds instant screen capture to your application.

  • Sisulizer contributed by Markus Kreisel
    Download a fully functional evaluation version of the Sisulizer localization tool.

    The task of our filter programs is easily comprehensible. They prepare texts which have been collected in various software programs so that they can be processed with standard software (e.g., Word). When the texts are ready, then the filter programs once again ensure that they are returned to their original format. And all at the click of a mouse!

  • T4T-CMP contributed by Erich Brandenberger (ITLA)
    T4T-CMP is a Word macro that does a much better job than Word's built-in Compare Documents feature. It lets translators open two similar source-language documents and finds matches. The matches are displayed in color and can be optionally numbered. A free version (selectable concatenation length) and a commercial version (automatic variable concatentation length) are available.

  • T4T-CNV contributed by Erich Brandenberger (ITLA)
    T4T-CNV is a tool that converts metric quantities into imperial quantities and vice versa, automatically. It works with Word documents that contain numbers with units like meters, degrees Celsius, liters per 100 km fuel consumption, grams to ounces, and much more. The macro comes with a master equation document that can be expanded by the user. CNV recognizes different thousands separators within the same document (for instance CHF 1 000 000 in a table, and CHF 1'000'000 in the text). It will convert these money amounts into US dollars, or whatever other target currency is specified in the master equation document.

  • T4T-DFO contributed by Erich Brandenberger (ITLA)
    T4T-DFO is a Word macro that adds a window to the Word toolbar that displays the format of the topmost document. Useful for people who send documents from "US-Letter regions" to "A4 regions" or vice versa. Free download.

  • T4T-DTN contributed by Erich Brandenberger (ITLA)
    T4T-DTN converts dates, times, and numbers from any Roman-alphabet language to any other. My Web site shows examples and an animated GIF demo. Commercial. Free demo with limited functionality.

  • T4T-GLO contributed by Erich Brandenberger (ITLA)
    T4T-GLO is a Word macro that swiftly and conveniently creates tab-separated glossaries from a source-language and a target-language text displayed side by side. The only controls needed are the mouse to select (highlight) entries and the ESC key to transfer the entries to an existing or a new glossary. Commercial. Free demo with limited functionality.

  • T4T-MEN contributed by Erich Brandenberger (ITLA)
    T4T-MEN is a Word macro that creates a new menu called "Glossary" in the Word menu bar. It behaves like the Work menu except it dispenses with the annoying path names and numbering. Instead, it lists frequently used documents, such as glossaries, in alphabetical order. Free, but available only on request by e-mail.

  • T4T-RPR contributed by Erich Brandenberger (ITLA)
    T4T-RPR is a one-click macro that customizes the Summary tab of the Properties window in Word documents. It leaves your mark on your work.

  • T4T-S&R contributed by Erich Brandenberger (ITLA)
    T4T-S&R is a glossary-driven multiple search & replace tool for translators unlike any other. It pretranslates your documents.

  • Termbases contributed by Vahur Meus is a Free Online Terminology Management Software where you can create termbases, dictionaries and glossaries.

  • TextCount contributed by Erhard Strobel
    TextCount is a counting program for translators and authors who charge according to the size of the texts they produce. TextCount not only handles the file formats for the most common DOS programs, but it also processes files produced by the best-known Windows word-processing programs. Supported file formats include ASCII/ANSI, Word for DOS, Word for Windows (up to Office 2000), Word Perfect for DOS (version 5.0 to 6.1), WordPerfect for Windows (version 5 to 7), Ami Pro (up to version 3.1), Write for Windows (up to version 3.11), Rich Text Format RTF (up to Version 1.5), and Hypertext Markup Language HTML

  • The Frankenstein Tool Suite contributed by Hans Sussenburger
    Frankenstein is a simple, extensible, free translation memory tool, running against a SQL database. The Frankenstein Tool Suite consists of BigBadGlossary and the DataManager. BigBadGlossary is a glossary lookup tool for use with any editor, word processor, DTP package or any other program that allows copy and paste. DataManager is the tool you use to create glossaries for BigBadGlossary. Why Frankenstein? Because it is ugly, and because it is a monster. A freely downloadable SQL database (HSQL) is the standard package used by Frankenstein. The latest version now supports Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other formats.

  • The Independence Day Tools contributed by Hans Sussenburger
    The Independence Day Tools consist of jack and ExToRtf, and can be used to manipulate Trados (tm) 2.x translation memories. The tools are building blocks that are run in sequence for extracting text from Trados translation memories, and converting it to Rich Text while preserving the Trados markup (styles). Trados is not required, hence the name "Independence Day Tools".

  • Translation tools developed by Lingo24 Translations
    Some translation tools developed by Lingo24 Translations with the purpose of helping language students and translators in their activity.

  • Translator's Abacus contributed by
    The Translator's Abacus is a free, simple-to-use program for counting words in HTML, PDF, DOC, RTF, and TXT files. Just drag and drop files or even folders to be counted to the program and a Word Count Report will be presented.

  • TshwaneDJe Human Language Technology contributed by David Joffe
    Dictionary production software, concordance software and more.

  • Upload contributed by Hans Sussenburger
    Upload is a free tool for uploading files from a client to a web server. It's unique in that it uses CAB technology to deliver a program to your harddrive for pre-processing of the upload file. In this example, it only zips the selected file but you can basically make it do anything a program can do :-) The benefit of Upload is that it can simplify your work processes greatly. A modified version could, for example, associate the upload to a project and check the file into a source control system without any user intervention. It requires Perl (available separately).

  • Woolly Bear TM Builder contributed by James Vail
    It is a simple way for translator to build glossaries and save them as translation memory files for later use in CAT tools.

  • WordFast and WordAlign contributed by Champollion
    Wordfast is a Translation Memory engine available both for Mac (Ms-Office 98, 2001 & later) and Windows (Ms-Office 97, 2000 & later) systems. Besides classical translation memory services, Wordfast includes a real-time glossary & typography checker, ensuring quality & accuracy for both small and large/distributed projects. WordAlign is a tool for producing Wordfast translation memories from existing translated documents. Through Wordfast's TMX export facility, translation memories produced by WordAlign can be used by most translation memory packages. WordAlign works from within Ms-Word, so that documents are aligned in their original formats.

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