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European Resources

European Resources - General

  • EuroClass
    EuroClass contains a database for the storage and reuse of translations of the most frequently used expressions by Community trade mark applicants to describe the goods and services covered by their marks. This database currently contains about 17,000 expressions represented in the eleven official languages of the EU.

  • European Directory
    500,000 companies selected in 33 European countries

  • European Language Resources Association
    ELRA (European Language Resources Association), was founded in Luxembourg in February 1995, as a non-profit organization, with the goal of promoting the creation, verification and distribution of Language Resources (LR). In addition to helping users and developers, government agencies, and other interested parties exploit language resources for a wide variety of use, ELRA serves as the European repository for EU-funded language resources, and interact with similar bodies in other parts of the world. Funded in the medium term by membership fees, grants from the European Commission and national governments, together with projects income, the Association will be financially self-supporting in the long run. A 12-member Board is in charge of the strategy and objectives to be adopted by the Association.

  • TERMITE - ITU Terminology Resources
    TERMITE contains all the terms which appeared in ITU printed glossaries since 1980, as well as more recent entries relating to the different activities of the Union (in all some 59000 entries).

  • Translators' mailing lists for European languages

    Central and Eastern-European Resources

  • CERRO - Central European Regional Research Organization

  • Croatian Language Technologies Portal

  • English 2 Croatian
    English to Croatian Translation Dictionary.

  • English to Estonian
    English to Estonian Translation Dictionary.

  • Hungarian Literature, reviews, articles, events, news and translations in English

  • Roy's Russian Language Resources

  • Russian "Slova" resources

  • Russian "Slovari" resources

    French Resources

  • About France
    Online travel guide and thematic guide to France, its people, and the French way of life. Also includes a glossary of modern France!

  • AdmiNet-France

  • La Bourse
    The official web site of the Paris Stock Exchange.

  • Branchez-Vous
    French guide to the Internet

  • Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers

  • Financial information about French companies
    Contains information about any French company, ownership, complete financial statements, annual turnover, any official acts such as change of ownership, lawsuits, etc. is available free of charge. This is the same information which in the past was only available upon payment of per transaction charges from either Dun & Bradstreet, Infogreffe, or other credit reporting agencies.

  • France Teaser

  • FranceWeb

  • Francophone
    Everything you must know about ACCT and francophone affairs in 49 countries.

  • French business directory

  • French Literary Bookstore
    A bookstore in Montreal for the promotion of French literature and social sciences

  • French Ministry of Affairs

  • French resources including musuems, universities, and many other servers

  • French Resources on the Web

  • Good Morning Paris e-zine

    A French business directory that lists more than 7 millions French businesses, providing financial data and company information.

  • Minitel Gateway and Software

  • Office of French Language in Quebec

  • Pratique
    French newsletter on software engineering, object technologies and software quality

  • Tour of Paris

  • Vocabulaire et terminologie

    Scandinavian Resources

  • Norwegian Centre for International University Cooperation (CIU)
    CIU manages programmes for support of cooperation with Norwegian institutions in education and research - at all levels, from kindergarden to University.

    Spanish Resources

  • English to Spanish Translation
    English to Spanish Translation Dictionary.

  • Enlaces para traductores

    UK Resources

  • Central Statistical Office

  • UK Index
    A comprehensive index of UK internet sites

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