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Asian Resources

  • Asia Directory

  • Asian Language Writing Systems and Terminology
    Terminology for Chinese and Japanese writing styles, including history, detailed information, and Hiragana & Katakana charts.

  • AsiaOne Business Directory

  • Bank of Japan monetary and financial data, and links to other Japanese financial databases
    Data going back 20 years can be examined. Tankan and money supply information released publicly will be available nearly simultaneously through the web page.

  • English 2 Japanese
    English to Japanese Translation Dictionary.

  • Honyaku Home Page
    A resource for members of the Honyaku mailing list, and anyone interested in Japanese/English translation

  • Hong Kong Internet Directory

  • JAT (Japan Association of Translators) Translation Topics

  • J Guide: Stanford University's Guide to Japan Information Resources

  • Korean Language Resources

  • Maruzen Japanese Bookstore

  • More Internet resources for Japanese translators

  • National Diet Library (Japanese)

  • On-line Chinese tools

  • Simon Fraser University/David See-Chai Lam Centre for International Communication - Asian Resources

  • Special search engine for finding bookstores all over Japan

  • Stanford University US-Japan Technology Management Center

  • TRC Japanese Bookstore

  • Yves Maniette's French version of Jim Heisig's "Remembering the kanji."
    Ces pages présentent un livre d'apprentissage rapide et sûr du système graphique japonais qui a pu voir le jour grâce à la confiance des membres de l'association des chercheurs francophones au Japon, Sciencescope, et de ceux de la Société des Études Japonaises de Tokyo.

  • WEBSARU Dictionary
    This Chinese learning site is mainly an English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary, meanwhile offering Chinese learning aid tools like annotation tool, translation tool and so forth.

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